Vic Hayton Memorial Swimming Pool

Project Details

The revitalization works at the Vic Hayton Memorial Swimming Pool required APS to provide a design & construct project to refurbish the 50m Swimming Pool to a minimum scope identified by the Shire of Ashburton.

The scope of works APS provided included the following:

  • Removal of the existing raised hobs to convert the swimming pool to a full wet deck system.
  • Install a new concrete concourse to match existing where raised hob was removed.
  • Remove existing tiles to bulkheads.
  • Repair bulkheads, render and install new tiles to match existing.
  • Remove and dispose of existing hand rails, fabricate and install new 316 stainless steel hand rails.
  • Remove existing lane rope anchors, deck sockets, starting blocks and install new.
  • Install earthing cabling to all pool furniture.
  • Install all cabling for the new lightening protection system to swimming pool area including drilling rig for earthing rods.
  • Design, fabricate and install a 316 stainless steel feature for the toddler pool.
  • Minor remedial works to the tiling on the toddler pool.

The project had a tight timeline with works required to commence shortly after close of tender.  Tropical Pools recognized this requirement within the RFT and completed risk assessment at time of tender to ensure resource was available to meet the client’s needs.  Upon award, APS mobilized a team to site within 7 days and completed all works within the project time frame and budget.