Outback Splash Octopus Bay

Project Details

This was a design and construct project to create an aquatic play space with splash features for toddlers and young children.

The swimming pool is constructed with a 0mm beach entry complete with wet deck gutter ramping down to a 300mm deep section with slides and features.  The splash pool has been constructed complete with a new concrete balance tank and pool water treatment system to Public Health Requirements.

Budget was a constraint on this project so APS developed a shotcrete concrete pool design with Metz Commercial Pool Tiles to the waterline and an anti-slip quartz plaster finish to the pool floor to comply with Public Health requirements.

The pool water treatment plant consisted of Neptune Benson Filters,

A tight scheduled had to be adhered to in order to have the project complete for the upcoming summer season.  APS completed all works within scheduled timeframe and budget.